Friday, August 6, 2010

History of my work

These cups represent a series from very
different times. I am fond of the faceted cup.
What I like is the gesture of the form, and the way the glaze breaks on the surfaces of porcelain. I throw a cylinder, form it into a square, and slice a layer of clay off the side.
The image of the red spike cup seen here was in a show. I have done the spike cups since 1986.  Another benefit of porcelain is the glaze breaks on the points of the glaze resulting in a white surface at the tip of the spike. 
You can see other things of mine in the background. The bristle of a brush is just to the left of the cup. In the background are larger coil pieces. There is a large bottle shape, cylinders and houses.
This last cup is some of my handbuilding. It is made with thin slabs of clay. It feels/sounds like a tin can. The clay makes a dull hollow sound when tapped. The Shino glaze has created a glorious luster on the cup.

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