Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A somewhat recent bowl. It was called a bubble bowl. I used a carbon trap shino.

I make plates that are somewhat squared...
again, shino with a black oxide.
the black oxide is iron ox, chrome ox, copper ox, if I am feeling wealthy, a little cobalt makes a dense

shino bottle....wax applied first, then glaze.
I liked the surface of this bottle. It is interesting to compare the surface of the bowl above, to this stoneware bottle. The flashing from the shino glaze on porcelain is more orange, though I have helped the process on the porcelain with a coating of soda ash applied to the clay...then wax, then glaze.

A couple of my brushes. They are inside a frame, resulting is a reflection of me....sorry.
My favorite section of the bamboo plant to use for brush handles is the area closest to the ground, or rhizome/root.
That results in the culms spacing being closer together, the shape being more varied and interesting. As the bamboo stalk grows, it develops longer and more regular spaces between the culms. Both of these are from my stand of black bamboo. The hair I use is elk mane.

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