Monday, August 16, 2010

random thoughts and images

One of my all time favorite art supply stores, Sterling Art, was in Irvine. They would provide a human being discount on purchases made in the store.
These drawing figures were an example of the spirit of joy amongst the folks who worked in the store.
The store had to move, I am not sure of the details of it's sad journey. But they relocated into a cavernous warehouse space down the road.
I went looking for them last week to resupply some of my drawing pens. And they have disappeared....gone.
Such a sad case.

Chinese roof tile of a dragon with a warrior sitting astride.

I took this image to show the stance of the roof tile. There is a tremendous amount of wisdom in the construction, in which the appendages are lifted from the surface allowing the form to shrink during firing and not crack away from the center of the form.

The Getty Villa in Malibu is a remarkable museum. They allow photos, and I spent my visit with my iPhone capturing details of the visit. This stone, with text continues to be memorable.

 This thought makes the Doug Louie bowl appropriate to include in this post.  His images for a narrative story. Often scenes that have the same logic as dreams.

I also think incomplete forms that allow the viewer to participate and complete the form are more interesting. I am more involved in the process with less details.

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