Friday, August 6, 2010

sculptural forms

I worked with stoneware fired in a charcoal firing.  The process of charcoal firing I learned at Pasadena City College with Philip Cornelius. This was the beginning of a series of box shapes, that remain interesting. The boxes are meant as wall pieces. All of the surface of the work is entirely the result of the firing process. I am amazed with the range of color that is possible from the clay. The process becomes a large part of resulting image of the work.

This is a piece from my grad school show. Boxes again but with the conceptual leap of objects placed inside to create an icon.
My venture into low fire, cone 05.

 Continuing on with the boxes. This one was a construction with inclusions. The form takes on a gesture of a figure. The base and the box are glazed. The porcelain tubes are charcoal fired. Another favorite.

This piece was around the same time as the work above. Though the objects on the base remind me of won tons. Some of the forms remain interesting to me.

This is perhaps jumping ahead a few years.  But the pieces moved from the pedestal to the wall.

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